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See, the ironic thing about The Boy is that he was, in all honesty, everything you had never wanted and everything you never expected to want: he was someone who was never meant to be tied down by expectations or trapped in a ring of promises, but you needed labels and you needed consistency and you needed to know that he wasn’t going to wake up the next morning and feel differently; and then there were the times when he retreated into the depths of a hurricane you couldn’t brave, times when you realised there were certain parts of him you would never be able to fix, but you were broken yourself and two shattered pieces do not make a whole; and once upon a time in your careless naivet√© you thought that you could fight forever but then you discovered that you could never learn to hold your breath in the tumultuous sea of your insecurities¬†

And if you squint your eyes just so and tilt your head at the correct angle you can manage to see him through the eyes of the incredulous people who want to know why him but then he smiles at you and the world rights itself on its axis again and despite everything, really, how could it not be him? And if you could you would add a because behind that attached to a list of a thousand reasons, except that all these reasons have vanished somewhere along the way, leaving you with nothing except the knowledge drumming its way through your veins that this is the one this is The Boy and

It’s not as if the heart ever listens to things like reason anyway.

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