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There is a boy, except he is not just a boy; he is The Boy and maybe he won’t be The Boy until the end of forever but right now he is The Boy and right now is all that matters. 

He wants so much and you want to give him all he wants but there are some things you cannot give and there are some things he cannot get if you are there so you take a step back and let him dream big and live loud and grow into the wings he was always meant for. Sometimes he flies, sometimes he falls. You sit on the ground and tilt your head up and watch him zip across the sky with all the grace you’ve never had, and you don’t think you’ve ever been so proud of anyone in your entire life. When he falls he trips back to you with his wings broken and eyes shuttered and you take him back every time, patch him up and coax all his walls into doors and you listen as he tells you stories of the sun and the stars. The sky is a place you were never meant for and he is someone you were never meant for and one day he will learn how to fly without falling back to you but right now he has one foot on the ground and one hand in yours and right now is all that matters.

There is a boy, except he is not just a boy; he is The Boy with words sharp as cut glass and fingers just right for the piano or the guitar or the spaces between yours. He is The Boy with eyes like city lights and wings in all the colors of the rainbow and a chokehold on your heart.

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